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Dear Visitor!
The ImmoTeka real estate agency - operating this site - is busy mainly in the I., II., XI. and XII. districts of Buda, in the V. and XIII. districts of Pest as well as in the neighborhood of Buda. The basis of our activities is primarily managing properties for owners living abroad, selling and letting of quality homes, offices, shops and that of building sites. We have been at your disposal with reliable, discreet and rapid transactions since 1997.

We have a large database both for searches and for offers. Our web page is frequently visited from the very beginning of its existence. We have cooperation contracts with agencies abroad as well as with the best Hungarian agencies. These agencies are quickly informed about our latest offers, so there is no need to contract several agencies for the same business, the available demand is concentrated.

Do you want to sell a property? You don't have to waist your time advertising it, waiting for peery visitors just wanting to become well informed - simply honour us with a commission! Our agency is going to filter the potential buyers and get acquainted with their actual needs. Being familiar with the property we will inform the interested customers exactly and will arrange the visit only for the appropriate buyers - in an optimal case only for a SINGLE ONE, THE REAL ONE! If an agreement is reached we can recommend a credit bank, a removal company, a lawyer, etc.

This is how a property deal will be a simple transaction for you instead of being a nightmare!

Do you want to buy a property? Please browse through our offers! Should you be interested in any of those, please contact us! If you did not fint it, do not be distressed let us know your requirements and we will search and find the right property you are looking for. Our agency cooperates with dozens of others - therefore we will search it for you out of thousands of offers our partners have.

Do you want to rent your property and you live abroad? Let us order to take all the work over from you by renting it, accounting, keeping it in good-, safe condition, managing all the requirements of the tenant, participating on assemblies in the house, etc.

Services offered:
- property management,
- evaluation of a property, official assessment
- preparation of the sales contract (with lawyers countersignature, with managing Registry Office's administration)
- managing the procedures for acquiring property purchasing authorizations for foreign citizens,
- composing the Rental contract - in Hungarian as well as in foreign language
- investment consulting: tax -, duty - and credit matters

How to contact us:
- Phone: 0036-1-201-1821, 0036-30-202-1892, 0036-30-921-9029
- E-mail:
Phone: +36(1)-201-1821, +36(30)-202-1892
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